Demos Resume

Random projects I've been playing with.

System Monitor

Monitor network and other system statistics


Shapes and Shading

3D graphics using plain javascript.

Github / Demo


Lines step along the geodesics towards each other.

Github / Demo

Paint Demo

Simple browser grid paint demo.

Github / Demo

Agar IO Demo

Simplified reproduction of this classic game.

Github / Demo

Cyl Universe

These little dot creatures have a mind of their own.

Github / Demo

Vanilla Register

Simple Register mockup using vanilla javascript.

Github / Demo

Lightweight Charts Demo

Sample using the Lightweight Charts library and randomly generated data.

Github / Demo

Route History Testing

The angular routing ability to modify history has some quirks explored here.


Project Euler Toolbox

Large collection of my personal C# libraries I use for solving Project Euler problems.




Fast Forward

Chrome extension to emulate the old Opera "fast forward" functionality.

Github / Chrome Extension