Damon Achey


  • Specializing in C# development, 14+ years experience. Desire to move into Web (ASP.NET/HTML5/Javascript) development.
  • Used recently: C#, .NET, Visual Studio, LINQ, TPL, WCF, Windows Workflow, SOAP, MSTest, HTML, Linux, SQL Server, IIS Hosted Services, Batch, Git, xNUnit, LinqPad, Nuget, Quality Center, Agile, Scrum
  • Used previously: Nagios, Perforce, Nagios, Perforce, MySql, Cassandra, Oracle, Solace Router, Tibco Rondezvous, Redmine, Topshelf, Mono, Lucene.Net, MTurk, Crowdflower, Silverlight for Business Applications, C/C++, JavaScript, Perl, x86 asm, MipsII asm, Python, PHP, Entity Frameworks
  • Ramping up on: ASP.NET, HTML5, Javascript, AngularJS, Bootstrap


Progressive Insurance
External Data 2014-Present
IT Applications Programmer Senior ERO

  • Member of Enterprise Resource Organization responsible for cross enterprise development projects
  • Integration of large scale master data management package into existing systems
  • Developed WCF/SOAP based services for requesting, caching, and processing driver motor vehicle records.
  • Maintained and updated large legacy code base for multiple applications.
  • Participated in all phases of SDM life cycle
  • Continuation of previous contract role.

Progressive Insurance (Precision Management)
External Data 2013-2014
IT Applications Programmer Senior/Vendor

  • Developed WCF/SOAP services for requesting, caching, and processing driver motor vehicle records.
  • Maintained and updated large legacy code base for multiple applications.
  • Participated in all phases of SDM life cycle

Susquehanna International Group
Books and Records 2012-2013
Software Developer

  • Contributed to the design of next generation high throughput, low latency, distributed messaging system for high frequency trade reporting.
  • Worked with trading systems and compliance teams to ensure proper reporting while supporting concurrent legacy and future systems.
  • Quickly understand complex messaging schema describing complex financial interactions.
  • Provided tools and support for live systems monitoring.

Microsoft Corporation (SmarTek21)
Bing Commerce Platform 2009-2011
Software Design Engineer/Vendor

  • Designed and implemented process management framework to control crowdsourced product quality assurance.
  • Worked in an Agile environment employing test driven design principles throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Managed relations with external workers and offshore teams for rapid improvement and problem resolution.
  • Developed an instant search engine for internal business rules data allowing continuous synchronization between US, and overseas teams.
  • Designed a componentized job service engine and web interface for reporting and statistical analysis of internal processes.
  • Worked with Microsoft Research to design and implement tests for improving machine learning toolset.

Microsoft Corporation
Windows Mobile Division 2002-2008
Software Design Engineer

  • Developed distributed code quality suite to validate code changes across large array of hardware platforms. Improved entire code base stability and reduced development blockage by an order of magnitude.
  • Led internal product development, planning, and scheduling for five person team ensuring product completeness and schedule targets were achieved.
  • Gave presentations at company wide seminars on best development practices.
  • Hardware integration developer in charge of maintaining and porting new development platforms. Direct work with external hardware partners to resolve design issues.
  • Implemented dynamic OS upgrade support for Windows Mobile. Including the execute in place from ROM and update on demand from devices in the field.
  • Maintained binary image update utility across kernel driver model migration.

Microsoft Corporation
Windows Mobile Division 2000-2002
Software Design Engineer/Test

  • Redesigned Windows CE binary image building tool set. Gained in-depth knowledge of several Windows CE core areas including: compression, executable (PE) file formats, ROM formatting, and kernel driver handling.
  • Designed test automation for image update processes
  • Implemented web portal and device side logging to track internal stress testing results.

Microsoft Corporation
Desktop Operating Systems, Windows ME 1999-2000
Software Design Engineer/Test

  • Implemented 1394 debugging support for legacy free versions of Windows ME.
  • Developed tests for PCI, CardBus, and PCMCIA.

Travel Impressions
Wholesale tour operator 1997-1999
Programmer Analyst

  • Design and implementation of multi-process, multi-threading server application for airline reservation processing and itinerary management.
  • Transitioned legacy reservation software to Unix based C/C++ environment.


Lehigh University
BS Computer Engineering