New site up!

New Yes, I’ve now launched a new version of the site yet again. This means I’ve probably been through more versions of the site than I currently have posts but such is life as a techie.

New to this version is that I get deployment from source control, and a better comment system that hopefully will get less spam than the old WordPress one did. Also it’s hosted in Github so I’m hoping that since I’m in Github anyway I’ll be more likely to toss out a post or two from time to time.

Please feel free to test the commenting system ;).

Posted September 20, 2014
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Learning HTML5/CSS/JavaScript

Html5 I always learn new technologies best through small projects. With that in mind I’ve started a new projects site called AcheyNet.AzureWebsites.Net hosted in Windows Azure. All source code will be publicly hosted through my Github account from which the site is directly deployed.

I intend to use this as a portfolio page to showcase some of the things I’ve been experimenting with lately. Feedback is very welcome.

First up is a minimal implementation of Klondike solitaire demonstrating drag and drop, animations, CSS, sprite sheets (sort of), and framework free MVC pattern.

Posted July 1, 2014
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Encrypting your email with Mailvelope

Locked Email With all the news going around about NSA spying I figured I’d use this chance to add an upgrade to my security setup. I’m now running a plugin to GMail called Mailvelope that allows for strong encryption of emails. There is a nice HAK5 podcast about Mailvelope and if anyone is feeling so inclined you can tell me your secret thing by using my public key file to encrypt your message or just shoot me an email asking for my public key and I’ll gladly send it.

Posted June 28, 2013
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